Wholesale /Corporate

We supply a number of carefully chosen outlets to sell our soap and other products:

Our soaps, especially our mini-soaps  are most suitable for boutique B&B accommodation, holiday cottages, hotels and spas. They can also be presented with bespoke packaging to suit special occasions such as conferences and weddings.

If you are interested in becoming a stockist of Really Wild Soaps or require bulk quantities then please email us from your business email address or write on headed paper with full details of your company, business address and nature of business and website (this is to ensure our commercial confidentiality and that we always deal with genuine businesses) or fill in the form here with your business details.

Prices, Postage & Packing:

Up to (2Kg) 16 bars of soap @£3.20 plus £3.50 p&p

Up to (5Kg) 40 bars of soap @£3.20 plus £17.50 p&p

Murky Mermaid bars of soap in a tin @£4.50 plus p&p