We are excited to be working with Visit Wales’ Year of the Sea in 2018 and have developed some great new soaps containing Pembrokeshire Seaweeds…

Here is one of the new soaps celebrating Wales – Year of the Sea

This Shampoo Bar, containing wonderful Pembrokeshire Carragheen Seaweed, will care for your hair, your body and the environment. Think of all those plastic bottles you won’t be using now.


About the soap

Really Wild Soaps are natural, mild, lightly fragranced and nourishing. The wild ingredients are collected by hand from the hedgerows, coastline and seashore around St Davids. Some of the soaps contain honey and beeswax as they have such amazing properties and part of the proceeds is donated to www.bumblebeeconservation.org  to help raise awareness and increase understanding about our much-loved bumblebees. These endangered bees are essential pollinators for our crops and wildflowers.

Our soaps have not been tested on animals nor do they include any animal fats. They retain the rich natural glycerine that is normally discarded in commercial soaps. They do not include detergents, synthetic fragrances, colours, artificial preservatives, alcohol, petroleum products, synthetic additives or GMOs.

These soaps are entirely made and cut by hand. There is no wastage from this traditional way of soap-making as any offcuts and trimmings are reused. The bars are then wrapped by hand, a time-consuming but traditional and environmentally-friendly process. The wrapping is 100% plant-based biodegradable cellophane, and the recycled paper soap labels are designed and printed in-house.

The wooden soap moulds (first made and used over 20 years ago) were recycled from my old bee hives, as is the cutting box.

We reuse old, discarded wet suits and cut long strips from them to wrap around the Surfers Soap to hold the labels. We collect and use seashells and other little beach-finds which have holes in them to tie on to some soaps and we recycle scallop shells as soap dishes.

We are working with local producers, NomNom for their chocolate and discarded cocoa shells, Harbwr Brewery for their Red Ale and spent grains, Coed Canlas Honey and the cafe owners in St Davids for their used coffee grounds

Our products have been cosmetically tested (Article 3 of Regulation (EC) No1223/2009). All packaging is environmental friendly and biodegradable.

We are linking up with local potter, Dan Wright to supply soap dishes to go with our soap. Click on the dish to go to our shop.


Really Wild Soaps are natural, nourishing and gently fragranced.


They are mild and long-lasting.


They do not contain any animal fats and have not been tested on animals.


They retain the rich natural glycerine that is normally discarded in commercial soaps.


The ingredients contain no detergents, synthetic fragrances or colours.


The soaps contain no artificial preservatives, alcohol, petroleum products or GMOs.